About Us

Somali Mission (SM) was founded in 2007 to establish a healthy congregation among the Somali-speaking communities in East Africa. SM's mission is working to help Somali people hear and follow Messiah, Christ.

SM's mission

Our mission is to strengthen and expand the underground church in Somalia and East Africa Region.

To accomplish this we:

START- Congregations start new congregations.

EQUIP- the Somali-speaking church with Bibles and resources for evangelism and discipleship.

EDUCATE- the Gospel through trained evangelists, church planters, and the media into the Somali-speaking in the East Africa Region.

Our Vision

Somali Mission's objective is for all the people of Somali-speaking communities in the East Africa region to have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and follow him as disciples.

Core Values

1. Christ Focused

2. Spirit Lead

3. Naturing Generations

4. Becoming Family

5. Caring Compassionate









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