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Muslim movements to Christ are very amazing in Somalia.  Many who surrendered their life to Christ want to follow Him and receive the Holy Scriptures as their living Word of God.  There are small house group meetings that happen in different locations in the country.

Here are some of the testimonies and stories

Story #1 Ma’alin Yusuf

It is very interesting to have a small digital SD card with all my reading resources. I sometimes watch Jesus' dreams and visions videos to see how Muslims around the world had become followers of Jesus and the transformations of their lives. I believe God is One and Jesus is Kalima mina laha (Word from God) and Rahu mina laha (Spirit from God). 

Ma’alin Yusuf

Note: This man is still learning and is not a believer yet. Please pray for him as he is seeking the truth.

Story # 2

Ali Haji was a secret believer for many years before he connected with a fellowship because the Church was invisible in his country. During his three-year journey alone, Ali believes that there must be other local believers. Once he discovered other secret believers and their fellowship, he cried with joy. He knew the security concern kept their faith hidden. Now he is in consistent fellowship with many who love Jesus. Ali is an example of many who continue to believe the day is coming when they may have the right to share their faith and even attend Church openly.


Please Pray That 

i.  The veil of Islam to be removed among the Somali community so they can see Jesus.

ii.  God to give peace and democracy to Somalia.

iii. God to strengthen His believers in Somalia.

iv.  Somali persecuted believers to be strong and bold in their faith.

v. God to protect the house church meetings and bring multiplication among them.




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